The New Music Binge on Fearless RadioThe New Music Binge - Fearless Radio's flagship program interviewing musicians since 2004 - is returning to Fearless Radio!  We have nearly a decade of amazing interviews, live performances, and newly released music!  Go back in time for our earliest interviews with some of Chicago's greatest musicians such as ...The Academy Is and Patrick Stump.  We've hosted rap battles, mountain music, blues, rock, punk - the list goes on and on.  So many touring musicians' first stop in Chicago was the Fearless Radio studio, tune in for first impressions of the city, our food recommendations, and the many tips and discussions of life on the road.  

We'll post the schedule of featured artists and podcasts on every week so you won't miss a thing.  Do stay tuned in for some new revelations about life on the road and interviews with the musicians Fearless meets along the way!