Erica Chase

Air Date: 03-12-16

Sometimes it takes a near-death experience to find out what you really want from life.

That was exactly the case with new music artist, Erica Chase, when a freak accident nearly cost her, her life.

While riding her bicycle to meet a friend for lunch, Erica was hit by a truck and nearly killed. That’s the moment she knew she had to put everything else aside and pursue her music, chase her dreams, and live every moment like it’s her last and hopefully inspire others to never give up on their own dreams. Now after investing relentless time developing her own sound, Erica is ready to meet the world.

Erica takes her own inspiration from an eclectic assortment of artists, from the Beatles and Sheryl Crow to Motown and current Top 40. Her signature sound mixes pop hooks with vintage influences. It’s a compelling and remarkable fusion of musical styles, one that works – in part – due to Erica’s honest, moving, and memorable lyrics as well as the unique voice that she was once told would never be accepted but now defines her very sound.

Erica is preparing to release her music to the public for the first time. The initial release will include the self-written and recorded single Paris and accompanying music video. “I could not be more proud, grateful, or excited to share this mixture of sounds and styles with the world, and I know I am lucky to have gotten a second chance at life to do so.”