Sweet Ascent

Air Date: 01-15-16

Hailing from Lawrence, KS, the rock formation, Sweet Ascent has been developing their sound since 2012. Formed by lead singer, Jordan Rebman and former member Jon Eddy, the friends recorded a track together in which later turned into the development of an EP, which became what is known today as Sweet Ascent. In the years since that pivotal debut recording, the hard-hitting clan quickly caught the eye of bands such as The Color Morale, Beartooth, and Phinehas because of their exciting chemistry and high energy packed live show. The band released Hopeless Dreamers in 2013, landed an AP&R feature in March 2014 in Alternative Press Magazine and toured the country coast to coast playing 130+ in the year.

Led by lead vocalist Jordan Rebman, Bobby Louden as Lead Guitar, and Jake Dorn on Drums, Sweet Ascent draws inspiration from life experiences. Rebman expands, “My inspiration stems from the concerts I grew up attending and the musicians I was able to watch develop over time.” Rebman continues, “Our biggest passion is people. We love people, they are the reason we do music.”

2015 has been a momentous year for the Kansas clan. Through lineup changes and more, the band channeled that turmoil into, WAR, an EP released in August 2015. The EP combines the band’s signature honest lyrics with a hookier rock sound and displays the clan’s unwillingness to go down without a fight. Rebman expands, “The release of WAR was a huge highlight for us simply because of what it took to make it. This band was on the brink of a collapse but we took that passion of never giving up to come to together and write and record an album straight from our hearts, and that is something we are truly passionate and proud of. “

The band is gearing up for a full year of promoting WAR with a slew of music video releases and forthcoming show opportunities. In the meantime, you can find Sweet Ascent on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, and YouTube. You can get a physical copy of WAR on Storenvy or download it from iTunes.