Bad Cop

Air Date: 11-30-15

Firmly planted outside of any political spectrum, loud, unabashed and fluent in DIY principles, Bad Cop formed in 2009 and immediately caught interest of one of America's oldest punk labels--ROIR, home to Bad Brains and releases from MC5, Beastie Boys, Television and others.  Frontman Adam Moult and co left the buckle of the Bible Belt for the Big Apple and inked a record deal just four months after starting the band.  

Since the debut LP, Harvest the Beast (ROIR, 2010), Bad Cop has run the gamut of American rock 'n' roll, from seemingly endless lineup changes, to becoming a CMJ and SXSW favorite alongside indie breakouts like Foxygen and Local Natives. The group even toured as direct support to break-out acts like Cage the Elephant, meanwhile establishing a successful indie label--Jeffery Drag Records--amidst a music industry in decline.

It's now been over a year since Bad Cop's critically acclaimed The Light On EP. Since then, Nashville's former hellions were invited by Converse to record at their Rubber Tracks studio in Brooklyn. With the help of engineer Hector Castillo (Lou Reed, David Bowie, Bjork, Roger Waters), the band recorded and self-produced a handful of tracks during a short stay in NYC.  They later paired with Converse again to produce a video for their pivotal track "Wish You Well" with critically lauded director Tim Nackashi (TV on the Radio, Neon Indian, The Faint).

The resulting product, the Wish You Well … and Goodbye EP, shows a new side of Bad Cop. The band who were once no stranger to the wilder times of rock n roll have managed to channel that rambunctious energy into three seamlessly-crafted songs. They haven't lost their edge; they've just harnessed it. In a lot of ways, the band has grown up, but they haven't grown out of making great music. More is on the way as they plot to release another EP as well as their long-awaited second LP, but for now, they begin with Wish You Well … and Goodbye.