Pinto and The Bean

Air Date: 11-30-15

In Chicago, there are so many indie-rock bands, you’ll likely find some of them drinking PBR while hanging from lamp posts…or lurking in alleys after jamming on some Black Keys inspired tunes in their practice spaces. But it’s unlikely you’ll find a little rock duo in which an innocent acoustic guitar sometimes sounds like a music monster, and a set of drums is an alien hybrid of electronic/acoustic sounds. The two members bounce vocals off each other like boobs in a strip club. Influenced by bands such as The Smiths, Nada Surf, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead and of course Yanni, Paul Taneja (guitar/keys/vocals) and Ivan Sosa (drums/keys/vocals) formed the songwriting team Pinto and the Bean in 2010.

Prior to moving to Chicago in search of a new rock scene, Ivan was the leader of a successful touring band whose songs reached the top of the radio charts. He’s also shared the stage/performed at festivals with bands such as Peter Bjorn & John, Cake, Blue October, and Ra Ra Riot. Paul’s solo music has been placed on several TV shows such as L.A. Ink, The Real World, Road Rules, and Cribs. In December of 2010, his song City Lights became one of the most sought after songs to ever be featured on Smallville and subsequently broke the iTunes top 100 charts in Norway. Paul & Ivan worked previously in the Chicago band Incredible Shrinking Boy, but when the duo formed Pinto and the Bean, they decided to go in a new direction.

Pinto and the Bean are slowly but surely building up a fan base in Chicago. Their oddball music videos have been shared across facebook and recognized in various music publications. Several people have raved about their live performances asking how such a little band sounds so big. They’ve performed at venues, festivals, and events such as Double Door, Abbey Pub, Cobra Lounge, Quenchers, Gallery Cabaret, Weeds, Quennect4, and Chicago’s Ribfest. Writing and completing their debut album “The Waiting Place” (August 2011) did not come easy, and when you take a listen, you’ll likely hear the blood and sweat that went into the record. Keep your eye out for these two lads rocking around Chicago and elsewhere. Just don’t ask who’s Pinto and who’s the Bean because they don’t have an answer to that.