Chris Bolint

Air Date: 11-13-15

Chris Bolint is a 29 year old hard rock instrumental guitarist that has just released his debut solo album, “Embers Alive”. Born and raised in Northwest Indiana, he began playing guitar at a young age, and has honed his craft with consistent practice over the years to represent what he is today as a guitarist. His inspiration comes mainly from classic rock bands, virtuoso guitar players, and classical music, but is sure to take influence from any type music that he feels he can learn or grow from. Chris has a love for classic rock bands of the past that showcase notable guitar work, something he feels is desperately missing from mainstream music these days. Chris is also classically trained on the cello, has won statewide arts competitions for songs he has written, and has attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music on scholarship.

But his biggest accomplishment yet, to him, is finishing his debut album, “Embers Alive”, which he wrote nearly every part of music for including drums. The album was completely self-financed, planned, and carried out by himself. It was something that required a steady persistence over 2 ½ years to finish. Now that the album is complete, he looks forward to showing the rest of the world his music and what he has to offer as an entertainer. Although Chris’s songs are without lyrics they are sure to keep any listener captured in the music as each song takes you on a musical ride and has many different parts and moods. To say it best, “the music speaks for itself” as Radio DJ John King of WVLP 98.3 FM commented in an interview with Chris. Paul Braun Director at the Chicago Street Theatre in Valparaiso, IN where Chris performed his Album Release Show also had this to say about his debut album, “His playing is first-class, the music and production values on the songs belie a freshman effort. Simply put, he’s really, really good.”

Chris's live show includes him playing with a sincerity and energy that is sure to entertain any audience, while connecting with the crowd and talking about his music in between songs. With an ambition and drive as big as an infinite wall of Marshall Stacks, he looks to inject the world with his own brand of instrumental rock music. Chris Bolint is an instrumental rock guitarist for a new generation.