Natalie Nylon

Air Date: 11-09-15

Natalie Nylon, a vibrant young singer-song writer, has had a passion for music since day one. The Pennsylvanian native was born on June 3rd and was singing along to musicals such as Annie and Les Miserables throughout her childhood. Inspired by Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Katy Perry, this high-spirited belle decided then that she would one day strike the music industry, and she succeeded.

At the age of 11, Natalie Nylon trained as a classical and musical theatre vocalist with coach, Susan Rheingans (Los Angeles Music Center Opera, New York Opera Forum) until her late teen years. Driven by the Philadelphia punk scene, she assembled and played bass guitar in her first local punk rock band, Accident Prone until moving onto others. Embarking on a new journey in Los Angeles, Ms. Nylon exposed herself to synthesizers as well as experimenting in recording music while joining a band called The Midnight Shakes and filming the reality television show Rock Bottom on Fuse TV. By 2008, Natalie started collaborating and recording with Time Again's Daniel Dart and solo R&B/ Pop artist Miko. Miko was intrigued by Ms. Nylon’s voice when he discovered her myspace music page. The collaboration then led to the songs Let's Go (Dance), XXX, and Queen Bee which topped the European DJ promotional charts at #1.