Walsher Clemons

Air Date: 08-19-15

The Walsher Clemons Band began in 2008 in the southwest suburbs of Chicago as a power trio consisting of a young Frank Minella on bass guitar, a supple Patrick Walsh on electric guitar, and an innocent Michael Campo on the drums. The three high school students had an instantaneous musical chemistry, and what started as improvisational ideas slowly became a somewhat respectable catalog of jazz/rock/jam songs. The trio performed original music that was heavily influenced by bands like Phish, Frank Zappa, Led Zeppelin, and Dave Matthews.

In early 2011, Walsher Clemons returned from a short hiatus with two new members – Craig Urban on bass and Riley Pettrone on lead vocals. With Craig on bass, Frank was able to pursue his true calling on the 6-string guitar and even play keyboards from time to time. The new lineup introduced countless new musical possibilities – Frank and Pat, both fully capable of playing lead, have been able to combine two guitars into several different styles and still blend them together seamlessly no matter the musical situation. Craig has pushed Mike to lock into the groove and stay on top of the beat. Riley leads it all with a powerful and charismatic delivery.

The modern-day Walsher Clemons is hitting its stride as each of the five individuals are proving to be part of an excellent blend of styles and ideas. When mixed together the result is strong guitars, booming bass, precise drums and pure vocals. Walsher Clemons has recently started recording their first album with producer Colin Peterik, as well as touring all around the Midwest and as far as Colorado.