Air Date: 08-05-15

RevoltRevolt is the culmination of Chris Bock's long musical journey. "My mother got me a guitar at age 12, after I'd been blown away by a Mariachi group in Mexico City," he recalls. "I learned how to play songs off of the radio. I was captivated by the process of songwriting. My father is a guitar player and my grandmother and grandfather met while playing in a symphony orchestra in France. My fathers side of the family were mostly artists and musicians, and within the family tree is the famous Dutch Golden-Age artist Jan Vermeer. "My step-father was Basque; he sang Spanish love songs around the house while he worked. My mom's record collection included jazz, country, and rock. I liked Punk, Metal, New Wave, Black Sabbath, Dead Kennedys, The Cars, Joy Division and spent all of my lunch money on LPs, until I got a job in a record store. I worked in record stores until 1996."

Bock grew up in Boise, ID, teaching himself Guitar, Bass, Piano, Harmonica, Percussion, and Keyboards along the way. "I had some personal stuff to attend to, and dropped out for a short time, but I found that music is always there waiting. I enjoyed the years playing in other friend's bands, but was looking to take on a new direction. I really dug the idea of embracing life through travel and music. Eight years ago, I started RevoltRevolt to record songs I'd been working on. I've been lucky to have some great musicians on board for the projects we've completed. The current line-up solidified in 2014 and Wild Unraveling is our first collective project. I feel we are right where we need to be right now with Revolt Revolt. Being in a band that puts out records and tours like we do has provided a wealth of experience beyond what I've ever imagined."


Mike Muir - Guitars (Nightlife & Trees)
Jake Fredrickson - Bass (also plays with Obscured by the Sun & Bliiss)
Ben Wieland - Drums (also plays with Jumping Sharks)
Christopher Bock - Guitar/Vocals/Korg - past bands - The Hand (with Scott Schmaljohn of Treepeople), Geyser, The Magnetics, Bock (solo recordings)

With Special Guests

Doug Martsch - Guitars (Built to Spill, Halo Benders, Treepeople)
Todd Dunnigan - Organ/Piano/Keys (Built to Spill, Caustic Resin)
Emma Doupe, Jie Cheng - Operatic Vocals
Earl Hughes - Pedal Steel (Don Ho, Alabama, The Beach Boys, Freddy Fender) 

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