Air Date: 04-18-15

theSHIFT is a phenomenon. John Shannon, MJ Lambert and Ben Geis — three of the most vital, highly sought-after musicians in New York City and the world-over — have put aside their roles as hired guns for some of the biggest names in the music business to gamble it all on one band… and they’re doing it because theSHIFT is about something much bigger.

“theSHIFT is about altering your consciousness through the sheer power of Rock and Roll music. Our lyrics don’t question the government, they question the nature of your reality.” —JS

Shiva the Destroyer / Cosmic Consciousness / Spiritual Attainment / Earth Consciousness / Satori / Enlightenment

The ideas above may trigger confusion or judgment for some people, and theSHIFT has a message for all people. Let this be said: theSHIFT breathes the true fire of life back into Rock & Roll, and they leave blood all over the stage… every night. The unmistakable looks on the faces in the audience will tell you that theSHIFT offers a transcendent experience… every time.

There is a sense of wonder at the show as a new vehicle for electricity pushes wave after unified wave of sound into the crowd. You can really feel an energetic portal opening. theSHIFT is reviving a true awareness of the organic, absolute power that music can convey when the channel remains open.

theSHIFT is fueled by the growing energy in an audience that is rapidly expanding. They define their central concept, Shifting, as the continuous exchange of energy. It is a powerful current that flows back through the audience to the band. This may sound elusive, but the living sense of it is undeniable. John Shannon’s prophetic lyrics and vocal expression work in such a way. Drums and bass are relentless and impeccable. The music is mystical, and the electric guitar experience is positively mind-bending.

“When you just play a song form down perfect start to finish there’s no danger there, but when you choose to open it up, not in a meandering way, but in a way that’s in touch with the moment and the audience, then you can get into some real danger, and by danger I mean transcendence.” —JS

theSHIFT represents a total commitment. They are bringing the danger back into Rock & Roll.