Roy French

Air Date: 01-09-15

They say you can't see the wind blow, but you can hear it howl. And no one's howl is louder than rap-artist Roy French. Hailing from the windy-city, this artists lyrical style is reflecting of Chi-Town (Chicago). He's won over the ears of many with his smooth rhyme style over the hottest tracks. Making his way from the mid-west scene to the hip hop scene of a rival great city, New York, Roy seeks to impress the east coast music lovers as well as he did his hometown.

Roy's been writing since childhood and his life experiences has been heavily influenced on his work. To date, Roy has release 3 mixtapes to great acclaim. The first was a two-part series "Ambitous" and "Ambitous: Nighttime" and more recently, "Seven: For The Fans" and is currently working on his upcoming album with all orginal music made by him, Odd Couple, C-Sick, J.Hill, and Prince Talent called "AMAZING". He hopes that as he releases more music, his constituency will connect more to who he is as an artist. Roy is taking whatever steps necessary to hone his craft. His talent, like the wind, is sure to reach everyone and make those who hear it, listen

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