Forrest Day

Air Date: 05-28-14

Fans of Forrest Day have learned to anticipate the music going in new directions all the time. Whether it’s a jump-up-and-down, mania-inducing battle chant; a fist-shaking, sing-along anthem; a tear-jerking ballad; or head-bobbing hip-hop verses with catchy-as-hell hooks, audiences are attentive, receptive, and want more.

Much anticipation and rumor has surrounded the second full-length release from this Bay Area Writer/Producer/Performer and his extremely tight band. The debut release came out in 2011, and much has happened for the band since then. Beyond playing a ton of shows and dealing with label/management transitions, this time has been spent constructing something gigantic- an epic of sorts, that has been almost entirely self produced.

Tracking happened in the beautiful 9th Street Opus studio in Berkeley, California. No time or effort was spared to capture the vibrancy and energy of this band when they perform live. Months were spent by both Forrest and Nathan Winter (the group’s engineer and live sound man), perfecting the sound, creating the perfect audio landscape for these words and compositions to shine. It was a bit obsessive really: “(Forrest Quote)____” It was mastered by ____.
At seven years old, this band has no intention of slowing down. As far as work ethic goes they are above and beyond many bands that have come and gone over the decades. This is something they simply have to do. That shows in their performances, their grass-roots business philosophy, it shows their endless hours of work...

It just might show most of all in “Forrest Day: The Second.” In a time when people are easily distracted, and more easily bored, Forrest Day has produced an album that commands attention, just might force listeners to have their own opinion, to actually listen.

Download: Forrest Day