Briar Rabbit

Air Date: 01-20-14

Growing up under the watchful eye of his uncle, B.B. King, it seems only fitting that singer/songwriter, Briar Rabbit has grown up to become quite the gentleman, and one that is musically inclined. With romantic melodies and colourfully layered narrative that evoke painfully beautiful imagery through honest lyricism, Briar Rabbit makes his triumphant return with forthcoming LP, From Your Bones, set for release on January 21st, 2014.

“I feel so invisible when I’m not putting on a show,” croons Briar Rabbit in his song “Invisible.” His new album, From Your Bones, involves themes of honesty, pain, and perseverance. Through his gift for finding inspiration through struggles, Briar Rabbit has composed an album with raw emotion that will tug at listeners’ heartstrings. He sings of heartbreak, determination, and letting go - all things that reflect the courage behind the lyrics. Music is his passion, and it comes through with such clarity throughout the album.

Finding his love of music at an early age gave Briar a life long mission – make music true to his soul, and share it with everyone he meets. Between performing in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolored Dreamcoat with Donny Osmond, Second City Day Camps, and theatre throughout high school, Briar Rabbit's formative years unknowingly prepared him to be a charismatic performer. The emotion and experiences that come together in his songs create a truly personal composition that’s bound to attract some attention.

Briar Rabbit isn’t new to the scene, having been featured in a Daytrotter Session as well as receiving praise from The Huffington Post, Americana UK, Performer Magazine, American Songwriter and more for his previous album,The Great Routine (2011), and The Company You Keep (2010). The new album, From Your Bones, will be Briar Rabbit’s follow up. Having taken a few years to release, it’s as though Briar took a page from his own book – “There's a bottle of success on the shelf and it is corked with patience.” Considering all of the energy put into the new album, perhaps patience was the way to go.

Marrying vintage and classical aesthetics with contemporary pop music, From Your Bones is due January 21, 2014 and in conjunction with the album release, Briar Rabbit will be touring nationally.

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