Air Date: 04-23-13

Ghosthouse is an Electro-funk trio from Chicago that effortlessly combines funk, soul, electronic, pop, and all things throwback while maintaining a timeless sound that is relatable to any walk of life. Their high-energy live performance has brought a continually growing crowd to each show, whether headlining the local stage at North Coast Music Festival in 2011 or reaching capacity at The Mid in early January 2012. They were most recently awarded the title of one of the Top 41 Bands in Chicago by Do312 and were the only local band to grace the stage of the highly praised Wavefront Music Festival.

In the fall of 2011, Ghosthouse released their self-titled debut album. It is their first effort in a seven--year collaborative partnership between producer Jimmy Con and vocalist Chuck New. From the upbeat montage style track, "Flatline", to their ballad "Makeup Sexxx"- a track oozing the sex appeal of the Prince-famed Minnesota sound- Ghosthouse has created a project that can have you dancing in the club or romancing in the bedroom. Following the release of the album, Chicago DJ and drummer, Dylan Hyde Castle A.K.A Gun Love, joined the band permanently to give an extra element to their already imppressive stage show. The combination of backing tracks, Jimmy Con blasting live synths, Chuck New's stellar vocals, and Gun Love throwing down funky rhythms, Ghosthouse has created a party band that is hard to ignore.

In Spring of 2013, Ghosthouse will be campaigning to bring to the fans their most diverse, funky, and polished EP yet. During this time, their live show has become more refined to ensure wearing out of the soles of every blasé hipster's Chuck Taylors. In addition to this, Ghosthouse is embarking on their first tour spanning from Nashville to Miami for Winter Music Conference. Be on the lookout for a return of unadulterated Funk in 2013.

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