Colin Morris

Air Date: 04-18-15

Akron, OH native and current Chicagoan Colin Morris is a multi-instrumentalist songwriter who’s been composing melodic, alternative rock since childhood piano lessons gave way to experimenting with guitars and drums. Being the only kid in the house required playing and recording all the instruments himself, and Morris has stuck to that method on his 2015 debut EP, Could Be Anything.

“There’s nothing like being in a band and creating something new with your friends,” Morris says. “But sometimes a song just comes together in your head and you know where all the pieces fall.” That certainly was the case for Could Be Anything. Clocking in at just under 12 minutes of thrashing pop/rock, the debut EP was an experiment in minimalism for Morris, whose earlier works were more intricate.

“I put my effects pedals away and didn’t touch the piano,” he says. “That’s for next time. I stripped this one all the way down, on purpose. Just kicked up the gain on the guitars and beat my drums until I thought I had something.”