Diana Espir

Air Date: 03-04-15

Diana Espir is more than a triple threat. She’s a powerhouse. The singer, songwriter, actress and dancer is poised to unleash her artistic talent in the United States with “Tomboy,” her latest single featuring Grammy award-winning rapper Nelly.

It’s a playful song about a girl who likes to have a plain old good time hanging out in cars with her homeboys doing “doughnuts in the parking lot.” “It’s about me realizing that sometimes I’d rather have fun around boys,” Diana says. Not that Diana is all tomboy: “I also write ballads.”

The former Voice France contestant started her career writing and singing ballads. At 15, she made her debut with “Je dessine mon destin” (“I Design My Own Destiny”). “My music was geared towards a younger audience,” says Diana, who, at the time, appropriately specialized in teen-oriented fare. “What I’m doing now takes my music to the next level.” While Diana’s been busily recording her latest material in some of New York City’s famed studios and prepping her music video for “Tomboy,” several projects she recently completed are bubbling in Paris, where she had been living. Her voice-over work is being used for dubbing everything from commercials to popular TV shows into French. She’s been cast in “Peau De Vache,” a play opening at the popular Les Déchargeurs Theatre, and a cabaret with a commercial twist that she co-produced is expected to run in 2015.

While an English-speaking audience may have glimpsed Diana’s covers of everything from The Cranberries’ “Zombies” to OneRepublic’s “Counting Stars” on YouTube, these covers display just a snippet of the years of training she’s logged in preparation for today.

Diana Espir grew up in Switzerland with her English dad, Italian mother and two siblings. She started taking piano lessons as a 2-year-old and would practice for at least three hours a sitting. By age 7, she was enrolled in dance classes. Diana started taking voice lessons at 12 after the passing of her beloved piano teacher. It was then that she, and her family, realized that her musical gifts extended past the piano. Diana’s angelic voice caught the attention of the music community and almost immediately, she was booked as a singer for private events. After releasing her first single, Diana’s singing took her around Switzerland as part of a performing arts group. She enrolled at the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts in London. On the weekends, she’d perform gigs at London clubs to satisfy her yen for pop music; she also wrote and recorded material with producer Jamie Sellers (Pixie Lott, Flo Rida, One Direction) and toured with various bands performing corporate events. She later had a contract at the International Dance Academy in Paris where she fine-tuned her dance technique in contemporary, jazz and ballet.

Diana’s myriad creative pursuits allow her many mediums for expression. However, “singing,” she says, “is my favorite thing to do, and it’s going to be what I’m doing until I can’t do it anymore.”

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