Damien Kennedy 2

During this holiday season, Damien Escobar added multiple dimensions to his violin virtuoso performance when he and 16 year-old Kennedy Hubbard hit the stage at the 2nd Annual Sparkle And Shine Fundraiser. It was there that the dynamic duo played a moving rendition of Justin Timberlake’s “Mirrors,” bringing the crowd to their feet and erupting in applause. Check out the video of their performance here on People.com! “I was so moved by Kennedy’s courage and identified with her feelings of being different. I wanted to perform with her on this special night to show my support for Kennedy’s Cause and make her feel like the beautiful princess she is,” said Escobar.


Revolver Magazine touts that it likes to bring every year to a close by making lists like they're starring in a metal version of High Fidelity. They recently announced their 2013 Song of the Year list which compiles the biggest and baddest songs in hard rock and heavy metal. Among the elite is Fatima Rusalka, the new single from Raleigh, NC band Alesana, available exclusively through Revival Recordings. The group took home the gold in 2011 with their song Circle VII: Sins of the Lion and hope for a repeat this year. Fans are allowed to vote as many times as they want until the poll ends on January 3rd.

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