In support of the new song, Foxtrails will be headlining The Hi-Hat in Los Angeles, CA this evening, May 3. They will be supported by Rogov, Introverted Funk, and Parker Ainsworth, and the evening will feature DJ sets by KCRW host Valida.
Gemini is the first single off Foxtrails’ upcoming 2nd LP, set to be released later in 2019. The new indie track - with subtle psychedelic hints - seamlessly adds and detracts both analog and digital layers, before winding down to a reverb-laden vocal line, slowly faded to silence.


While reflecting on the new release, Foxtrails stated, “Gemini is a song that examines the duality of the artist struggling to find balance between reality and creativity."
To further support “Gemini”, Foxtrails will be performing at Lightning in a Bottle on May 10 in Bakersfield, CA. Tickets information can be found at

Foxtrails came together over a 6 year period when members of the band were living at what will likely be known as one of the last “artist” houses in Venice, CA, dubbed the Zanja House because of it’s location on Zanja St. This house was the home to several artist from several bands, and served as a creative space which other artists also visited and created in. In a very organic, natural way, Foxtrails was formed from jam sessions in the garage.

Originally formed around a few core songs written by Blake McLeod, the songs were developed along with the collective of multi-instrumentalists, Dane Sandborg, Micah Sohl, Michael Brenner and Cory Yamashiro, transforming the tunes into a hybrid of indie-inspired refrains and ambient instrumental sojourns which come together to make up their debut self-titled LP. In May of 2018, the band added new members Nikita Sorokin (violin) and Dylan Grombacher (percussion).

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