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Born in the cornfields of Indiana, PJ Sauerteig began releasing music as Slow Dakota from his Columbia University dorm room. (It was at Columbia where he also founded the record label, Massif Records).

After a string of early recordings, he first won critical acclaim with The Ascension of Slow Dakota, released in 2016. (He was even nominated for a Pushcart Prize following the album's release). A month later, Sauerteig matriculated to NYU School of Law, where he's been hidden away ever since.


A known recluse, Sauerteig has only played a handful of live shows in the last five years. He recorded and wrote Rumspringa over his first year of law school, produced by Sahil Ansari, and mastered by the legendary Greg Calbi. With this new EP, Slow Dakota weaves baroque pop into synth loops - while retelling the joys (and horrors) of rural Midwestern life. Sauerteig remains a full-time student at NYU Law, where he's worked to end solitary confinement at Riker's Island.

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