thumb american operaFearless Radio always anxiously awaits for Warped Tour to come to Chicago. Luckily, American Opera is launching a weekly series featuring acoustic covers of fellow Warped Tour artists. The series will take place every Wednesday and you can catch American Opera playing the tour June 19th through August 8th.

"Vans Warped Tour is a genre-defying festival tour that features a slew of fantastic bands across a wide variety of musical styles.This summer I'll be on the Acoustic Basement stage, and in the spirit of that stage and camaraderie amongst artists, I figured I would try to pay homage while putting my spin on the songs. I'm a newcomer to the Vans Warped Tour so I wasn't too familiar with a lot of the artists, but after checking out the talent I am even more excited to be a part of the tour."

Each week will feature a different artist from Warped Tour with a raw sound that only acoustic sets can bring. Be sure to tune in for some acoustic bliss performed by the talented American Opera of the artists you love. This is the perfect way to get into a Warped Tour mindset, but more importantly American Opera will give listeners the ability to conquer hump day.

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