EaglesInDragEPArizona based five-piece Eagles In Drag, released their debut EP today digitally worldwide and on a limited run of 10” vinyl via EightyOneTwentyThree. The project, constructed by frontman John O’Callaghan initially back in 2012, includes his fellow bandmate from The Maine; Jared Monaco. The lineup is rounded out by Trey Nickelsen, Ryan Gose (This Century, Stop Dead), and Eric Halvorsen (ex-A Rocket To The Moon). O’Callaghan explains the need for the project by stating his “thirst for songwriting and passion for creating music sparked the idea. Once I had a clearer vision of how I wanted to go about presenting this project I thought of friends I'd never really jammed with that I respect as musicians and creative minds”.

All five members - from varied musical backgrounds and genres - bring different elements of experienced musicianship to the group - which aids in defining their sound. Arguably with the heaviest rock sound on the roster, Eagles In Drag brings psychedelic infused tones to a modern generation. The new EP is also sure to appeal to fans of Witch and The Entrance Band. The project also draws influence from the likes of The Black Angels and Dead Meadow.

As for the targeted results? In O’Callaghan’s mind the intent has been achieved. “The goal has already been accomplished, write music with people I hadn't yet played with and experiment with a darker side of my brain.” Fans of his current band have nothing to fear he continues, “The Maine is my true baby, this was just a few dates with a chick you know you're never going to call again.”

The self titled EP, features five never before released songs - as seen in the tracklisting below. Eagles In Drag is the latest addition to the 8123 artist family.

Eagles In Drag EP is now available on iTunes

John O'Callaghan - Vocals/Guitar
Trey Nickelsen - Guitar
Jared Monaco - Guitar
Eric Halvorsen - Bass
Ryan Gose - Drums

1. Pretty Girl Monster
2. Dog Days
3. Buzz
4. One Four Six
5. Black Dolphin


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