Greetings dread heads & hearts,

The latest from Ansel Cridland, of the legendary Meditations, "No Duppy" (EP) from Meditations Music. A six track all killer, no filler, starting with the EP title and track, accompanied with version.

"No Duppy" refers to mankind and the danger therein, not fairy tale, bedtime story creatures; everything is mankind as Ansel reminds us. Featuring the talents of George Kouakou (Horns), Ansel Cridland (Guitar), Neville Morris (Bass), Damian Martlliere (Drums), Sydney Mills and George Kouakou (Keyboards). Engineered by Michael Ferguson & Sydney Mills, and Mastered by Paul Shields. The Meditations consist of Ansel "Meditation" Cridland, Toussaint "Laury" Webb, and Daddy "Lion" Chandell.

"Highway Robbery":

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