Waterparks 2017 JawnRocha colorWaterparks is a rock band straight out of Houston, Texas, and they are making some huge impacts musically. Their new album "Entertainment" is out on January 26th, and they got to work with Benji Madden on the album. Sheila recently got to interview Otto Wood from the band, check out the interesting interview below!

Of all the gin joints in the world...you walked into where to meet? And did that have any effect on your choice of names?

We met at the DMV. We were naming off places we would rather be than the DMV.

Your sophomore album “Entertainment” is out on January 26 th , can you share the concept behind this album? Where was it recorded?

The word “Entertainment” in Tongue-In- Cheek for “FEEEEELINGS’. And at MDDN Studios.


You got the chance to work with Benji Madden on this album, what was that like? How did this opportunity come about?

It was cool. He’s our manager.

What is the idea behind the VHS tape on the album cover?


You are currently on tour with Sleep On It, is this your first time touring with them?


Who came up with the idea to call it the “Made in America” tour?

Chronologically, Donald Trump…and then us, I guess.

Any other plans after this tour? Album release show or even more touring next year?


Where can Fearless listeners pre-order your album, and find you guys online?

iTunes, a URL that grants us some level of legitimacy (waterparksband.com),and a slew of other fancy internet dens, I’m sure.

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