Sleep On It began in 2012 and they are true Chicago natives, making big waves in the Indie Alternative scene. They recently released their new album "Overexposed", and are currently on tour with an upcoming show Wednesday November 22nd at the House of Blues in Chicago! They will also have a Black Wednesday after party show at The Native in Chicago that same night! Sheila with Fearless Radio recently got to speak with Guitarist and Vocalist TJ Horansky about the band, the new album, and some things Chicago! Check out the interview, buy the album, and listen to the new song "Fireworks" featuring Derek DiScanio.

How did you guys meet?

Jake and Luka met via a mutual friend. I met AJ freshmen year of college. In 2012, I met Jake at Riot Fest. That's really when the band formed. We had a different vocalist for a couple of years. Zech sang in a different Chicago band at the time. When we parted ways with our original vocalist, we knew Zech from the Chicago scene so we approached him immediately.  Jake came up with the name while riding the train in Chicago. He was debating between other potential names, so he told himself to "sleep on it" and decide later. Boom!

Being from Chicago, is there anything you miss about the city when you are out on tour?

Absolutely. A lot of things, to be honest. Aside from the obvious answers like our beds and our girlfriends, we all truly love the city of Chicago. I miss my neighborhood and my favorite restaurants. I miss going on runs down by the lakefront. Chicago offers so many incredible amenities. We've been to a lot of great cities, but I always look forward to coming home.

Your new album “Overexposed” was just released on November 3rd, how has the response from fans been so far?

The response has been about as positive and humbling as we could have asked for. The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, and the reaction from fans has been incredible. I feel like fans have been making an emotional connection with album already, more so than any material we've released to date. This is our first full-length record, so I think more material makes it easier to connect to.

Where did you guys get to record the album? What is the concept behind it?

We recorded with Seth Henderson at ABG Studios in Crown Point, Indiana. Derek DiScanio from State Champs flew out and co-produced the record. I think one of the biggest overarching themes behind the record is coming to terms with the things you sacrifice to pursue a life of passion and self-fulfillment. It's a bit existential in that sense. It's also about finding hope through heartbreak and self-doubt.

I absolutely love the flaming wedding cake topper as the album cover, what was the reasoning behind choosing this?

When we started discussing album art, we knew that we wanted a cover with a lot of negative space. We referenced the new Manchester Orchestra album cover a lot. We wanted the negative space to draw you into the focal point of the cover. Our friends Alex and Emilee came up with the wedding cake concept. I liked the thought of torching the expectations that society bestows upon us on how to "properly" live you life. For me, it ties in to the concept on the record of pursuing the life you want, regardless of societal "norms".

You’re currently on the “Made in America” tour with Waterparks, how is the tour going so far? Is this your first time playing with Waterparks?
This is our first time playing with Waterparks. They are really nice guys! Everyone on this tour has been incredible. We toured with As It Is back in May, so we have the luxury of already being mates. The shows have been wonderful. We've been meeting new fans and making new friends every night, it's been great!

What are the plans after the tour, and for 2018?

This tour ends in December. We will probably relax and enjoy the holidays. As for next year, we are currently working on some touring plans but nothing is set in stone yet. We would love to make it to the UK and other parts of the world. We will see!

Where can the Fearless listeners purchase your album, and find you online?

Our music is available on all major platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, etc). Go to to listen on every platform!

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