Buster Shuffle is a SKA, Rock'n'Roll band that formed 10 years ago in London Town. The band typically sings about all sorts of things going on around the UK, but with their new album "I'll Take What I Want", they have decided to take a political turn. The album shares their thoughts and comments on the current political state in the UK. Sheila with Fearless Radio had the chance to speak with piano and vocalist Jet Baker about the band and the new album. Here is what Jet had to say!

How did Buster Shuffle first get started? 

We first stated about 10 years ago playing in pubs in east London. After a few years we had enough songs to record our first album which we did in Jets bedroom. Jets flat mates weren't to happy about it but it but we couldn't afford any other studio or space. The name comes from London slang it means to have a dance.... go and "bust a shuffle" on the dance floor. You know what we mean.....

Your new album “I’ll Take What I Want” is out on November 24th, can you share what was the concept behind this album?

Anger at the political situation here in the Uk. The youth have been sold out by the old and wealthy. it's a bunch of songs we've written the past couple of years and there is an anger in some of the songs that we've not had before as we tend to be more light hearted and sing about every day shit but the UK is a fucked up place at the mo with lots of lies from the media and politicians and we decided we gotta comment on it.

Where was the album recorded, and how long did it take to record?

2 years to write, 3 days to record instruments, 4 days for vocals, 3 days to mix. All recorded in London except for a few parts that were recorded in Devon, west England.

Where can fans purchase the album? Will it be available right away in the US?

Yes for sure. Digital - iTunes and Spotify for physical copies vinyl and cd it can be bought from www.enemyink.com

I know you are currently on tour in the UK, but do you have an album release show planned yet?

We are having it near Munich, Germany on the 23rd November, its the official album launch show. London show is to be announced for early next year.

Any chance you will be coming to the US for a tour sometime next year?

Yes we will be, hoping it will be May 2018 announcements on this coming soon

Do you have any other big plans for 2018?

Just the usual .....musical world domination with number 1's in every country. If not, then we are happy just to keep doing what we do, playing new places meeting new people and rocking out on stage. Bosh! Cheers. Jet


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