nsn fbNew plans are in place for 2017 on Fearless Radio!  Looking forward to all the new music, interviews, music news, and new shows that are on the horizon.  Take a look at the revamped site and poke around a bit.  You are going to dig what we’re doing with the place whether you’re a musician, a listener, or one of our partners. Fearless Radio has a long history of supporting artists by supporting and promoting their art (music, books, written word, visual art). We have begun to add tools to our site which will assist you as an artist through engaging your audience, promoting your events, and providing you a home to debut your work.  Fearless can link and promote your sales and fundraising efforts.

For the past year Fearless Radio has taken time off for family, pug surgery, moves, finances, a crappy starter on our bus - well you’ve all read similar facebook stories so you get the drift, you know what goes.  We greatly appreciate the communications we’ve had with all of you for the past year, for your words of encouragement and your desire to work together once again.  

The links below will help guide you through the processes to get started on the new FearlessRadio.com. If ever we needed a soundtrack to get us through this modern era, now is the time.  Let us hear from you.