sabersSabers:  Following years of performing, touring, and recording with the M's, Josh Chicoine founded CIMMfest, the Chicago International Movies and Music Festival in 2008. During this time, held up in his Andersonville recording studio space in a defunct Salvation Army Church, Sabers music took shape in fits and starts, and more fits, morphing in and out of psychedelic pop and rock structures finding its own way over years of trial and error.

Now in 2013, with the first Sabers record nearly complete, Chicoine formed a band of amazing musicians long from the Chicago pop and rock scene. Colby Starck (the Faders, Head of Femur) drums, Shane Schroeder (Hot as Hell) guitar, Max Crawford (Poi Dog, Wilco, Expo '76) keys, Edward Anderson (1900s, Mazes) bass, have given live life to songs created mostly in private. The result is thrilling, contemplative, bashing, emotionally powerful music unmoored and evolving.

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