Friday, 13 June 2014 18:06


Stereospeak is a five-piece indie music band from Chicago, IL, USA. It was formed in 2009 by guitarist and vocalist Mike Mitzner and drummer Logan Ortega. The band has featured many other musicians but is currently made up of Mitzner, Ortega, Brendan Bunce (guitar, vocals), Marlon Lang (Keys, Vocals), and Ryan Hollenbeck (bass). The band has performed at such venues as Subterranean, Congress Theater, Beat Kitchen, Elbo Room, Schuba's, and Hard Rock and will be playing shows throughout 2014.

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Friday, 13 June 2014 16:20

David Rosales

Last we heard from David Rosales was in 2013. He was out on the road and in the vineyards of California playing with his Americana duo, David & Olivia, as they were promoting their debut EP, On the Sea. And in the year prior, we were introduced to him via his debut solo release, Smile.

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Friday, 13 June 2014 16:13

Walking Bicycles

Chicago’s Walking Bicycles have been making their own brand of bombastic and peculiar music since 2004. Their upcoming full-length "To Him That Wills The Way" is due out August, 2014 on the band’s owned and operated label, Highwheel Records.

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Friday, 13 June 2014 15:37


Jones:  Clay Hagen grew up in the Twin Cities. He’s been a singer since he was a kid and took up the guitar in high school to start a band with friends. A Night in the Box burst on the Minneapolis music scene in 2005 showcasing Clay’s powerful bluesy vocals and commanding stage presence. The soul and bluegrass band enjoyed a loyal following as a stage act and released two albums; “The Hustle, The Prayer, The Thief” (2006) and “Write a Letter” (2008).

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Wednesday, 27 February 2013 23:40


We had 8090 in the studio on February 26, 2013.

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