Kory Quinn

Air Date: 02-07-14

Kory Quinn, a DIY contemporary hobo intellectual, has a refreshingly homespun take on Americana, a very welcome sigh of relief in today's contemporary market. After spending over 270 Self-Booked Dates on the road, spanning 7 countries, on three Continents and another 90 plus shows already booked for early next year throughout the Good Ol' USA, Quinn still finds time to write and record new material.

The just released second full-length album, At The End of The Bar, boils down red-dirt basics in a freewheeling roadhouse stew. Quinn's songwriting is adroit and surefooted, offering sturdily constructed country, folk, and Cajun-tinged songs for his ensemble to really sink their fangs into on this instant jukebox classic. The songs are short and sweet but packed with clever lines, sentimental harmonies and twangy fills. All that makes them the kind of songs that hang around your brain like honky-tonk regulars. Between road-worn self-penned material, old-time drinking songs and heart rending country standards The Mighty Quinn is the next one to watch out for.

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