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Axons is Chicago-based songwriter, singer and producer Adele Nicholas.

Adele's music as Axons playfully skews and recombines sounds drawn from a diverse palatte of 90s indie rock, top 40 pop, electronica and hip hop. Axons' live show features Adele performing as a one-woman band, looping percussion, synths, guitars and vocals to create lush sonic landscapes in real time.

Axons' debut full length record Unmanageable (the follow-up to her 2014 EP Inter Vivos) is out December 2, 2014, on Impossible Colors Records. Produced, recorded and mixed by Axons in Chicago, it is an emotionally intimate record of thoughtful dance music. She celebrated the release with a show at Chicago's Empty Bottle on December 2.

When she's not Axons, Adele is a civil rights lawyer who represents victims of police misconduct and employment discrimination.

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