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Azure Bluethumb azure blue 2 is Tobias Isaksson's solo project. The Swedish musician incorporates his new romantic approach to the pop genre with dreamy lyrics and an upbeat sound. Azure is a variation of blue that is often described as the color of the sky on a clear summer's day. By adhering to the definition, listeners will be transported to a sunny beach side setting filled with sounds similar to a cool breeze.

"Beneath The Hill I Smell The Sea" is the final chapter of an album trilogy that began with Rule Of Thirds in 2011 and was followed by Beyond The Dreams There's Infinite Doubt in 2013. "Beneath The Hill I Smell The Sea" is the final chapter of an ambitious trilogy, emerging from the sombre and introspective earlier chapters of the trilogy to embrace a host of guest vocalists for this finale.

Azure Blue's new album should be on everyone's summer playlist. Be sure to roll the windows down, open your mind, and follow the sound waves. Happy listening!

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