digeometricbanner Digeometric held a release party for their first album titled “Experience” at The Throne Room. The intimate venue invited the audience to journey through guitar riffs while following a steady melody. The band plays with a heavy emphasis on the jam band genre by using variations of rock elements. Digeometric's innovative variations establishes this group as a jam band on the rise.
An emphasis on the jam aspect of the rock genre creates lengthy tracks that encourage listeners to go on a musical adventure through sound and space. The keyboardist, Alex Francois, was placed in the center of the stage. Although this is an uncommon stage setup, Alex's placement highlighted his central role in the band. The drummer, Michael Duffy, was grinning ear-to-ear while providing the beat and singing main vocals. The guitarist, Dave Campbell, appeared to be in a trance while entertaining the audience with riffs. The bassist, Ken Pecho, was wearing a custom colorful strap with the band name. The culmination of all members creates a sound that made the audience smile during Digeometric's jam-based performance.
I was thoroughly enjoying the Digeometric show, especially the song “Good Gravy,” but their performance got even better when Alex began to play the saxophone. This instrument always encourages booty shaking, but more importantly this addition incorporated a unique element into the jam band genre. With a strong jam-based sound and innovative variations, Digeometric has proved that this will not be their last album and showed the audience they belong in the music festival circuit.

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