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Vicetone introduce their debut Aurora EP. The five-track inaugural effort sticks closely to the duo’s fast-paced melodic style while taking the time to tell a story. That story is filled with bubbly synths, groovy basslines, and fluttery keys. Aurora is more than just a dance record, which becomes more and more evident with each listen through as each track is influenced as much by a classical symphony as modern dancefloor zeitgeist.

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SHEL have shared a new video for their haunting cover of Metallica's "Enter Sandman". The video premiered on Nerdist, who writes that SHEL has "created the platonic ideal of one of the metal group’s classic numbers. Paring the song down to softly delivered vocals and spare acoustic instrumentation, the version of the track is as disconcerting as it is beautiful... The audio-visual subtlety of this track makes for an extremely unique cover that hits a totally different chord of terror than the original."


Electro-pop artist Lights has today released Midnight Machines, an album comprised of six acoustic songs from her third studio album Little Machines (September 2014), plus two brand new songs. The never-before-heard tracks are "Follow You Down" and "Head Cold", and the leading single is an acoustic version of "Meteorites." Midnight Machines is available via all major digital retailers to stream and buy here.


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